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asbestos mines in south africa

asbestos mines in south africa

  • South Africa - Asbestos Use, Mining, Exposure

    Cause of MesotheliomaMesothelioma Treatment Centers in South AfricaWho Is at Risk?Environmental ExposureAsbestos Use in South AfricaExposure in South AfricaProductsLegacy of Mining in South AfricaAlthough doctors around the world noticed unusually high rates of lung disease in asbestos-exposed workers as far back as the early 1900s, Christopher Wagner, a South African pathologist, did not discover a definitive link between the exposure and cancer until 1960.His journal article on the subject, “Diffuse Pleural Mesothelioma and Asbestos Exposure in the North Western Cape Province,” became the most quoted paper in occupational medicine and triggered a massive wave of research on related...
  • Asbestos Mountains - Wikipedia

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    The Asbestos Mountains is a range of hills in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, stretching south-southwest from Kuruman, where the range is known as the Kuruman Hills, to Prieska. It passes Boetsap, Danielskuil, Lime Acres, Douglas and Griekwastad. The range lies about 150 km west of Kimberley and rises from the Ghaap Plateau. The mountains were named for the asbestoswhich was mined in the 20th century and is found as a vari

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  • Asbestos Mine Locations List of principal asbestos ore ...

    Asbestos Ore Deposits Mining in South Africa. The three important varieties of asbestos are found in this area. Chrysotile is economically available in large quantities. Crocidolite or Blue asbestos was discovered in approximately 1803 in Cape Providence and Transvaal in South Africa. "Amosite" was discovered in 1907 by a company known as ...

  • Challenges and strategies of abandoned mine

    By 1981, foreign companies had withdrawn from active asbestos mining in South Africa, and a long series of mergers and acquisitions had reduced the number of major producers to two which are the Griqualand Exploration Finance Company (Gefco) and Msauli Asbes . The last asbestos mine in South Africa closed in 2001.

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  • Asbestos - Wikipedia

    Amosite, CAS No. 12172-73-5, often referred to as brown asbestos, is a trade name for the amphiboles belonging to the cummingtonite-grunerite solid solution series, commonly from South Africa, named as a partial acronym for "Asbestos Mines of South Africa". One formula given for amosite is Fe 7 Si 8 O 22 (OH) 2. Amosite is seen under a ...

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  • Asbestos-Related Disease in South Africa

    South Africa was the third largest exporter of asbestos in the world for more than a century. As a consequence of particularly exploitative social conditions, former workers and residents of mining regions suffered—and continue to suffer—from a serious yet still largely undocumented burden of asbestos-related disease.

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  • Outlawed asbestos leaves trail of death ... - Mining Weekly

    The Greeks termed the mineral asbestos the "miracle mineral", which became increasingly used in the nineteenth century by a wide range of industries. South Africa was one of the major suppliers of ...

  • Asbestos Mines of South Africa - How is Asbestos Mines of ...

    AMOSA - Asbestos Mines of South Africa. Looking for abbreviations of AMOSA? It is Asbestos Mines of South Africa. Asbestos Mines of South Africa listed as AMOSA Looking for abbreviations of AMOSA? It is Asbestos Mines of South Africa.

  • Asbestos legacy, South Africa EJAtlas

    The legacy of asbestos mining in South Africa is substantial, with many thousands of victims, government and corporate failure to rehabilitate affected areas, and the problem that serious health impacts may only show up 40 years after exposure.

  • Asbestos Mines of South Africa - How is Asbestos Mines

    AMOSA - Asbestos Mines of South Africa. Looking for abbreviations of AMOSA? It is Asbestos Mines of South Africa. Asbestos Mines of South Africa listed as AMOSA Looking for abbreviations of AMOSA? It is Asbestos Mines of South Africa.

  • South African asbestos mines rehabilitation project

    2016-01-27  The South African government remains underway with a major programme to close and rehabilitate some 660 abandoned asbestos mines and shafts in various regions around the country. Global programme and construction consultancy Turner Townsend is providing quantity surveying expertise to the project

  • Msauli Asbestos Mines, Msauli, Barberton, South Africa ...

    Msauli is an old mining town South of Barberton, the town was established in the early 1940’s for the purpose of mining asbestos. This town has been dormant with no one residing here since the mid 2000’s. We were contacted to map the 1000-hectare area for the purpose of identifying any remaining open mining areas,

  • How safe are Gauteng’s asbestos schools?

    2017-06-20  South Africa reportedly has one of the highest incidence rates of mesothelioma in the world, thanks to its long history of asbestos mining, particularly crocidolite and

  • Risk of Asbestos Exposure in South African Diamond Mine ...

    Asbestos is associated with the South African diamond mining industry, primarily due to the nature of kimberlite but also the location of the diamond mines in relation to asbestos deposits. South Africa is a uniquely mineral-rich country and, when mining one commodity, it is likely that other minerals, including asbestos, will be accidentally ...

  • 45 Northern Cape asbestos mines are unrehabilitated

    Delegates to the first Global Asbestos Congress, held in Brazil, resolved to ban the use and mining of asbestos by 2005, reports South Africa’s Concerned People Against Asbestos movement ...

  • Playing in the shadow of asbestos mine dumps News ...

    Van Zyl worked for many years for the African Chrysotile Asbestos company at the Msauli mine, 5km across the border in South Africa. Although Msauli was the bigger of the two mines, it appears ...

  • The History of Asbestos - Importing, Exporting

    Australians began mining asbestos in Jones Creek, New South Wales, in the 1880s. By the early 1900s, anthophyllite asbestos was mined in Finland. Amosite (brown asbestos) was discovered in Transvaal, South Africa. Chrysotile from the mines of Swaziland and Zimbabwe was mined and marketed around the world. Quick Fact:

  • Compensation for environmental asbestos-related

    2013-01-24  Environmentally acquired asbestos-related diseases (ARDs) are of concern globally. In South Africa, there is widespread contamination of the environment due to historical asbestos mining operations that were poorly regulated. Although the law makes provision for

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  • Asbestosis in South African asbestos miners -

    ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 3, 310-319 (1970 Asbestosis in South African Asbestos Miners G. K. SLUIS-CHENIER Miners' Medical Bureau and Clinical Sciences Division, Pneumoconiosis Research Unit of the South African Medical Research Council, Johannesburg, South Africa Received July 15, 1970 A study was carried out on the fate in 1970 of South African Caucasian ininers working on the

  • R100m government plan for asbestos mines IOL News

    According to Naude, only one mining company, Hanova Mining, still mines asbestos in South Africa at a site in Mpumalanga. The main reason for the global decline in the demand for asbestos is ...

  • Emmarentia Asbestos Mine In Northern Cape, South

    The Emmarentia Asbestos Mine is in Northern Cape, South Africa. The Emmarentia Asbestos Mine is a underground mining operation. The Emmarentia Asbestos Mine is a underground mining operation. Site identification and general characteristics.


    FOrmS OF ASBESTOS FOund in SOuTh AFricA The three types of asbestos minerals: Amosite, Chrysotile Crocidolite found in South Africa were mined in the following prov-inces Limpopo, Northern Cape and Mpumalanga. • Amosite is also known as ‘brown asbestos’ and is like crocido-lite, a member of the ampibole group. It has harsh spiky fibres

  • Asbestos products now completely banned in South Africa

    2008-03-28  Asbestos once accounted for three percent of the value of South Africa’s minerals. South Africa was previously the fifth largest supplier of chrysotile, produced 97% of the world’s crocidolite and 100% of all amosite. Source: GCIS, The Association for the Global Eradication of Asbestos and Asbestos Products – AGEAAP

  • Post Closure Environmental Impacts of Asbestos mining in P.

    However, many countries continued to mine and use asbestos material, disregarding the health impacts, including South Africa, where amphibole asbestos was mined until 1992, whilst serpentine asbestos mines continued with operations after 1992 (McCulloch, 2002). Mining of amosite asbestos in Penge started in 1914 and stopped in 1992. Between ...

  • Mesothelioma - South Africa

    Mesothelioma - South Africa . Mesothelioma is a rare incurable cancerous disease usually caused by exposure to asbestos, in which malignant cells form a tumour in the mesothelium (the outer lining that protects the body’s major organs such as the stomach, heart, and lungs) - the most common site is the pleura (the outer lining of the lungs and chest cavity).

  • Asbestos rehabilitation programme under way - MINTEK

    2010-03-15  Mining of asbestos started in South Africa in the 1890s, and the country was formerly a major supplier of all varieties of asbestos. All mining activities stopped in 2000/2001, and the use, processing, manufacturing, and import or export of any asbestos or asbestos-containing product was prohibited in 2008.

  • Death from the rock exposes British firms to South African ...

    The dull brass plaque records simply: 'Amosite from the Cape Asbestos Company Ltd, Penge mine, South Africa.' Across the road a piece of paper tacked to a door invites passers-by to visit a local ...

  • History of the Trust Asbestos Relief Trust Asbestos ...

    The Legal Process That Led to The Establishment of the Trust. The Asbestos Relief Trust arose from an out-of-court settlement, i.e. an agreement between several claimants who were ill with Asbestos-Related Diseases (ARD) and various companies that had owned asbestos mines/mills in different provinces of South Africa.

  • PAS#027 "Amosite" Grunerite Brown Asbestos - Asbestos

    Penge, Transvaal District, South Africa "Amosite" is the varietal name of the mineral Grunerite. The name Amosite comes from Asbestos Mines Of South africa ite. The museum obtained these large specimens back when it started coming out commercially in South Africa. This is legendary stuff, some nasty Amphibole Asbestos, crunchy and brittle. This ...

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